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Operations for surgical dermatology in the rooms of dermatological private practice in Frankfurt. Here, malignant skin changes, precursors such as melanomas, carcinomas, actinic keratosis, conspicuous moles, fibromas, cysts are removed.

Surgical dermatology

Outpatient surgical procedures on the skin

Our clinc specializes in surgical procedures on the skin. Ambulant surgeries are small and major surgery, performed under local anesthesia in our practice. We place special emphasis on the most modern surgical techniques and suture techniques in order for you to get the best possible aesthetic outcome.

We remove all benign and malignant lesions, melanoma, carcinoma, actinic keratosis, abnormal moles, skin tags, cysts.

Should the possibility of a non-benign lesion be suspected, a special laboratory analysis, including a histopathology analysis is carried out.