A photo of the staff of the private practice for Dermatology, aesthetic medicine, Allergology and Phlebology in Frankfurt am Main. There are two medical doctors and 3 medical assistants. The doctors are dressed in white.

Medical assistants

Christina Calvente

A woman with long brown hair smiles into the camera. Her eyes are brown. Ms Calvente is a qualified medical assistant. She is responsible for praxis management and surgical support.

Ms Calvente is a trained medical assistant. She has also trained as a beautician and medical pedicure. She is spezialiced on practice management and in the surgical support. Ms. Calvente is the laser commissioner of the clinc. She is fluent in German and Spanish and has a basic knowledge of English.

Melanie Wagner

A woman with short brown hair with blue eyes smiles into the picture. The black T-shirt carries an inscription of the private practice for dermatology and aesthetic medicine. Ms Wagner is responsible for registration and surgery and laser support.

Ms. Wagner has extensive experience in dermatological aesthetic practices. Their practice focuses on application and on surgical and laser support. In addition, Ms. Wagner is specialised in non-invasive, aesthetic cosmetic treatments.

Jessica Wehner

Young woman with long red-brown hair and dark brown eyes smiling at the camera. She is dressed in a black T-shirt. Ms Wehner, assists in the laboratory work, allergological tests and surgical treatments.

Mrs Wehner is a trained medical assistant. Their practice focuses on application lab work, allergological tests and in surgical support. She speaks fluent German and has good command of English.