A consultation in the dermatological private practice Dr. medical Dötterer-Rieg. The premises are bright, two people are sitting in the dermatological consultation room. A doctor advises a patient on the subject of vein problems and phlebology.

Conservative measures for vein treatment

Vein Treatment Methods

Physical therapy

To alleviate the symptoms, leg massages are recommended, which are carried out either by hand (manually) or with overpressure cuffs (machine-based). Kneipp treatments such as cold affusions on the lower legs or treading water are also good for the veins. A lot of walking, even barefoot, walking and vein exercises promote blood circulation and support the muscle pump function.


Vein remedies come in the form of sprays, ointments, gels to be applied to the skin or capsules to be taken. They can have a slight decongestant effect and subjectively alleviate the symptoms. Their use is usually recommended at most as an adjunctive therapy and then for a limited period of time.

Compression therapy

Consistent wearing of compression stockings is an effective measure for all vein diseases - especially in the advanced stages of the disease that cause symptoms. The compression supports the work of the muscle pumps and the venous valves. Among other things, this prevents blood from flowing back from the deep into the superficial vein system. Compression stockings are available in different strengths and lengths.

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