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Skin cancer screening

Your specialists for modern skin cancer screening

Regular skin examinations are a screening test which should be included in your personal health plan. Skin cancer is occurring more and more often. In Germany alone there are approximately 140,000 new cases per year. In order for skin cancer to be detected and treated in time, early diagnosis is very important.

When you arrive for your skin cancer screening appointment we will take a lot of time for you. We examine the entire skin thoroughly from head to toe in order to optimally examine and analyse all skin lesions.

Computer-assisted analysis and documentation

When examining your moles and skin lesions, we work with the most up-to-date equipment. With innovative camera technology we can create brilliant microscopic images at 20-70 times magnification. Thus suspicious moles can be distinguished from benign skin lesions.

Conspicuous moles and skin spots are documented and archived using an advanced video documentation system. At regular check-up appointments we will monitor any changes in the skin based on these recordings. Unnecessary excisions can therefore be avoided.

Conspicuos skin lesions

If a mole becomes abnormal, it may need to be surgically removed. We can take care of this on an outpatient basis in our clinic. A histological examination of the removed tissue can ensure malignant tissue has been fully eradicated. Certain types of pre-cancerous cells (pre-cancerous actinics) of "white skin cancer" (e.g.: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cells, Bowen's disease) can be treated at an early stage with photodynamic therapy treatment (PDT). This light therapy can prevent cancer from developing and avoid surgical procedures. However, in many cases laser surgical treatment may also be considered. For skin cancer you will also receive a skin cancer certificate customised for you.