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Skin diseases in adulthood

Rosacea is one of the most common skin diseases in adulthood and usually begins between the ages of 30 and 50. Couperose (Rosacea teleangiektatika) is a form of rosacea. Couperose begins with a vascular dilatation that manifests itself as redness, especially on the nose and cheeks. With congestion in the fine capillaries, this then leads to a lasting vascular dilatation and also to vascularisation.

Another form of rosacea is Rosacea papulopustulosa. This is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands. It can appear through inflammatory pustules or papules and extended veins or severe redness.

We use the following methods among others for the treatment of rosacea:

  1. Lymphatic drainage
  2. Oxygen therapy
  3. Various fruit acid exfoliation
  4. Laser treatment to remove red veins
  5. Microneedling
  6. Mesotherapy
  7. Coordinated home care

For more information about rosacea treatment, visit Blog of the Institute Dermasthetics in Frankfort on the Main.