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Individual and diverse treatment options

No question: acne is a serious skin disease and can have a serious impact on a person's self-esteem. Acne usually begins at puberty and lasts for varying periods of time, sometimes until age 30 or later. Some people suffer from acne their entire lives.

Treatment options are varied and are to be determined individually depending on the type of acne, degree of distribution and the age. We distinguish between external (local) and internal (systemic) treatment. For external treatment, we very successfully use various treatment methods:

  1. Different fruit acid exfoliation
  2. Microdermabrasion
  3. Oxygen therapy
  4. Medicinal cleansing
  5. LED light therapy

For more information about the treatment process, visit Website of Institut Dermasthetics.

A customised home care is also always important with any acne treatment. In severe cases of acne, systemic treatment with stronger drugs is necessary.