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A cyst is a cavity in different parts of the body that is often filled with fluid, for example with sebum, and is not infrequently encapsulated. Cysts are always benign and only cause symptoms when they have reached a certain size. The most common cysts that affect the skin are epidermal cysts.

Causes and origins

Cysts arise from blocked sebum glands, traumatic effects, as part of an acne disease or from immunosuppressive drugs.


Often a trained eye from the dermatologist is enough to recognize the hemispherical epidermal cysts or atheromas sitting on the skin surface.


The mere presence of a cyst is often not an indication for therapy. However, if it develops to a size with the risk of displacement of the surrounding tissue or becomes inflamed, it must definitely be operated on. In the case of the inflamed cyst, it is first waited until the inflammation has subsided and then completely surgically removed with the capsule.