Operating couch for operative dermatology in the rooms of the dermatological private doctor's practice in Frankfurt. Malignant skin changes, precursors such as melanoma, carcinoma, actinic keratosis, conspicuous moles, fibroids, cysts are removed here.

Operative Dermatology

Outpatient surgical interventions on the skin

One focus of our dermatology practice is outpatient surgical interventions on the skin. Outpatient operations are minor and major surgical interventions that are performed in our practice under local anesthetic and after which you can go home again. We attach particular importance to the most modern surgical procedures and suture techniques in order to achieve the best possible aesthetic result for you.

Our dermatologists remove all benign and malignant skin changes and their precursors (e.g. melanoma, carcinoma, actinic keratosis, abnormal birthmarks, fibroids, cysts).

If there is only the slightest differential diagnostic suspicion of a non-benign change, a dermatohistopathological (histological) analysis is carried out in a special laboratory.

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