Three dermatologists from the private dermatology practice Dötterer-Rieg & Colleagues in downtown Frankfurt look at the viewer. Specialists in skin health, diagnostics and treatment wear their hair down and are dressed in white blouses.

Private Dermatology Practice Dötterer-Rieg & Colleagues

About our dermatology practice

Our skin – the largest body organ

As a private dermatologist's practice in Frankfurt am Main, our team of three dermatologists and medical specialists is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the largest body organ - our skin. The condition of your skin contributes significantly to your physical and mental well-being. We make sure that you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Our dermatologists offer private patients and self-payers a wide range of services in the diagnosis and treatment of conservative dermatological, allergological, phlebological and aesthetic-dermatological problems.

Individual advice and short waiting times

Dr. med. Heidi Dötterer-Rieg, specialist in dermatology and allergology, Dr. med. Marta González Sánchez, specialist in dermatology and phlebology and Dr. med. Julia Hoffmann, a specialist in dermatology, has many years of experience and expertise in dermatological treatment. Our practice is technically state-of-the-art. Short waiting times, individual support and a pleasant atmosphere ensure that you can feel at home with us.

Medical cosmetics – an ideal combination

Medicine and cosmetics? Not a contradiction in terms, but a clever and effective supplement in the service of your beautiful, firm and healthy skin. You too can benefit from this unique and perfect combination of dermatology practice and specialist institute for aesthetic treatments that we offer you. By efficiently exploiting the possibilities of both disciplines and bringing them into synergy, you will see and feel the benefits that will inspire you!

Convince yourself - here you go to the Services of Dermasthetics, the institute for beautiful and healthy skin with a pleasant wellness ambience - your trustworthy contact for all questions about physical aesthetics.

Podiatry - perfect complement for your healthy nails and feet

Thanks to the unique combination of medical services and podological services under one roof, we are able to offer perfectly coordinated treatment concepts for your foot disorders. We employ several trained podiatrists for this purpose.