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Surgical removal of varicose veins

Removal of small extended side branches

If there are small extended side branches, these can be removed using the miniphlebectomy. Through small cuts the veins are removed similar like a crochet hook. At our clinic the miniphlebectomy is carried through on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. With tiny, barely visible cuts the varicose vein is pulled out of the subcutaneous fatty tissue with a special checkmark. The vein breaks off under the skin. Using another stitch a renewed access is then placed on subcutaneous fat andthe next part of the vein is removed. Subsequently, the varicose vein is pulled out. This will be repeated until the side branch is completely removed.

Postoperative pain are rare, in the case of a bigger surgery, we give you for a few days a mild pain reliever. The first dressing change takes place on the day after the surgery, then the veins stockings should be re-tightened, they should be worn for 3 weeks. It is recommended that during this time to refrain from major sporting activities. A moderate and regular exercise is recommended to avoid thrombosis.