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Phlebology / vein medicine

Many people suffer from venous diseases

Many millions of people in Germany suffer from venous diseases. The most widespread are the knotty thickened varicose veins (varices), which not only disturb the aesthetic sense, but also can be a serious medical problem. The discomfort associated with varicose veins, range from heaviness and swelling tendency to lesions on the lower legs up to the open leg.

If a venous disease left untreated, it can lead to phlebitis which if left untreated can lead to deep vein thrombosis with life-threatening complications. A deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) is caused by vascular damage or by a slow blood flow. Dissolves such a clot, it can trigger an embolism in the lungs.

While small spider veins represent primarily a cosmetic problem, varicose veins, however, cause significant stress and severity feelings to pain.

The goal of any vein treatment is to eliminate the morbid vein, taking into account aesthetic considerations.

Our specialized and experienced phlebologist Dr. med. Marta González Sánchez helps you advance your health and attractiveness of your legs.