Feet of a patient undergoing nail treatment. Clean and healthy nails can be seen on feet after podiatry treatment. The patient's legs are dressed in blue jeans. The attending podiatrist is smiling and wearing sterile gloves.

Nail Treatments / Podiatry

Beautiful and healthy nails

Do you want healthy and beautiful nails? Do you suffer from ingrown toenails, toenail fungus or other foot diseases?

Thanks to the unique combination of medical services and podological services under one roof, we are able to offer perfectly coordinated treatment concepts for your foot disorders. We employ several trained podiatrists for this purpose.

We treat the following diseases medically and podiatically:

  1. Fungal infection of the nail plate with discoloration or brittle decay of the nail
  2. Acute and chronic inflammation of the nail fold with painful swelling and possibly pus formation
  3. Dry, brittle, splitting nails
  4. Nail deformities
  5. Keratinization disorders
  6. Nail discoloration
  7. Brittleness of the nails
  8. Solution of the nail plate

Proven treatment methods with the latest technology

We offer you proven and innovative treatment methods with the latest technology and the highest standards of hygiene. For the treatment of nail fungus diseases, for example, we use one, among other things nail fungus laser The following treatments are carried out:

  1. Treatment of nail fungus diseases
  2. Treatment of ingrown nails with nail correction clips, among other things
  3. Removal of hard skin, calluses and corns
  4. Nail Treatment: Cutting, filing and deburring toenails
  5. Production of orthoses for toe misalignments.
  6. Production of artificial nails for deformed toenails

You can find more information about nails in our Blog. Here you will find interesting articles about foot treatments and foot diseases.

Put your beauty in proven and technically experienced hands!

Surely you still have personal questions that our doctors would be happy to answer comprehensively in a confidential conversation in the practice. Because every treatment is as individual as the person who wants a change, and it is important to us that you feel well advised and cared for during the entire treatment period. Please arrange your personal consultation appointment.

Patient inserting a nail brace against ingrown nails. The treating podiatrist at the private practice for dermatology smiles and gives the patient a trustworthy smile. She is dressed in a white coat.
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