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Patient applying a nail brace against ingrown nails. The treating podiatrist of the practice for dermatology smiles and gives the patient a trustworthy smile. She is dressed in a white tunic.

Nail treatments / podiatry

Beautiful and healthy nails

Due to the unique combination of medical and podiatric performance, we are able to offer perfectly coordinated treatment plans for your foot diseases. We employ a trained podiatrist for this purpose.

We treat the following diseases are treated medically and podiatrically:

  1. Fungal infection of the nail plate with discolouration or brittle disintegration of the nail
  2. Acute and chronic inflammation of the nail fold with painful swelling and possibly pus formation
  3. Ingrown nail
  4. Dry, brittle, split nails
  5. Nail deformities
  6. Cornification disorders
  7. Nail discolouration
  8. Nail brittleness
  9. Looseness of the nail plate
  10. Treatment of diabetic foot