In the practice's laboratory for diagnosing fungi and allergens, a medical assistant evaluates the results of an examination with a computer. To enrich the sample, she fills a test tube in the mycological laboratory with a pipette.

In-house laboratory diagnostics

Laboratory diagnostics of fungi and allergies

In our own laboratory, we carry out laboratory diagnostics of fungi and allergies using modern analysis methods:

1. Diagnostics with fungal culture or modern PCR method

In order to be able to determine a fungal infection with certainty, there are various examination methods. In our practice we offer on the one hand the classic diagnostics, the fungal culture, and on the other hand that PCR method

2. Diagnosis of 295 allergens with Alex²-Allergy Explorer

On the basis of taking blood with a single finger pick or taking a blood sample, the Laboratory system Alex² using a modern procedure, the blood is analyzed for 295 allergens and the results are then presented in a clear report.

A medical assistant operates a system in the practice's own laboratory for PCR sequencing. For reasons of hygiene, the doctor's assistant wears sterile gloves. The MAD device evaluates a patient's DNA molecule for an allergy diagnosis.
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