A patient is treated lying down with a modern medical laser system for skin treatments in the Frankfurt private practice. Diode lasers, Erbium-YAG lasers, lasers with fractional handpieces, KTP lasers and Ruby ​​lasers are available to specialists.

Removal of pigment spots, age spots and tattoos

Age or pigment spots are often the result of sun exposure

Removal of pigment spots

Pigment spots usually appear in areas that are particularly exposed to the sun: forehead, cheeks, upper lip, shoulders, décolleté and hands. In particular, people over the age of 40 know them: the so-called age spots, the most prominent form of pigment spots. These are brown pigmented spots that are not raised. These age spots are the result of the sun exposure that we get in the course of life. For this reason, age spots only appear on areas that are regularly exposed to the sun, the backs of the hands, face, décolleté and forearms. The brown pigmented skin spots are often perceived as annoying because they are very noticeable on the body parts mentioned.

The spots are caused by UV radiation. Over the years, exposure to the sun causes pigment cells to increase. This increases the formation of pigments in the epidermis, which are then visible as brown age spots.

The spots are mostly harmless and occur in 90% of all people!

Removal of age spots

With our ruby ​​laser with a wavelength of 694 nm, our dermatologists achieve good results gently and in a short time. The treatment is almost painless; the patient usually only feels a slight tingling or burning sensation. The laser beam penetrates the surrounding tissue and only takes effect in the pigment. A plasma is formed, which absorbs further laser radiation, as a result of which the pigments are "blown up" into smaller particles. Natural pigment changes such as age spots can often be successfully eliminated in a very short time - usually after just one or two sessions.

Tattoo removal

Our ruby ​​laser can also be used very well to remove tattoos.

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