A patient is treated lying down with a modern medical laser system for skin treatments in the Frankfurt private practice. Diode lasers, Erbium-YAG lasers, lasers with fractional handpieces, KTP lasers and Ruby ​​lasers are available to specialists.

Disturbing skin changes

unwanted skin growths

No face is even. Some blemishes can be attractive (eg Marilyn Monroe's mole). However, such skin growths are not always desired. Possible disturbing skin changes are, for example, senile warts, pigment spots, small facial veins (couperosis), hemangiomas, fibroids and raised birthmarks.


First of all, it is necessary to analyze the skin changes without a doubt and, in particular, to determine whether these skin changes are benign. Some forms of skin cancer look confusingly similar to the benign changes. Our dermatologists can use the appropriate technology to remove these completely without any problems and largely without scarring. There are different treatment techniques for the different disturbing skin changes. We often use specialized lasers for this. With this, good results are achieved without cuts and seams. The resulting small wounds are usually healed after a few days.

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