A patient is treated lying down with a modern medical laser system for skin treatments in the Frankfurt private practice. Diode lasers, Erbium-YAG lasers, lasers with fractional handpieces, KTP lasers and Ruby ​​lasers are available to specialists.

Laser Medicine

Laser technology with amazing results

Modern laser technology brings amazing results. A wide variety of treatments can be carried out very successfully with specialized lasers.

Largest laser fleet in the Rhein Main area

Our dermatologist's practice has one of the largest laser fleets in the Rhine-Main area. This enables us to respond very specifically to your problem using the best laser technology. We treat you with modern medical laser systems, eg with various diode lasers, erbium-YAG lasers, lasers with fractionated handpieces, KTP lasers and ruby ​​lasers.

Personal Consulting

In a detailed personal discussion about the most suitable laser treatment, the possible result will be explained to you in detail.

You can find more information about the possibilities of laser technology in dermatology in our Blog.

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