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Laser medicine

Laser therapy

Modern laser technology creates amazing results. With specialised lasers, a variety of treatments can be carried out very successfully:

  1. Skin imperfections, wrinkles, scars, enlarged veins and port wine stains can be treated successfully with modern laser technology. The skin is considerably rejuvenated.
  2. Modern diode lasers can remove hair from all over the body in the long term.
  3. With lasers, effective treatment of nail fungus is also very possible. 

Our clinic has a variety of modern laser systems in order to be able to treat your problem specifically. We will treat you with modern medical laser systems, e.g. with a diode laser, Erbium YAG, Fraxel, and KTP lasers.

In a detailed personal consultation we will explain the most suitable laser treatment for you and the likely outcome as accurately as possible.