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A young hand holds an older hand. The young hand has a macellous healthy skin. The older hand is covered with age spots. Age spots can be removed with ruby lasers lasting and pain-free.

Immune booster infusion

Strengthening of your Immune System

Fatigue, loss of vitality, immune deficiency and recurring infections – a widely spread phenomenon that is regarding many people. Often we can trace it back to a lack of vitamins and nutrients. The immunboost-infusion is a mixture of different ingredients, matched to the desires of your body. Within a short time the cell metabolism is activated and by strengthening the immune system infections and allergies can be reduced.

Boost - The Name reveals the Effect

In our workday life we are rarely able to design our nutrition to the desires of our bodies. The word „boost“ describes it as it’s best: fast, simple and effective. Here, high-dose vitamin C, vitamin B preparations, zinc, folic acid, lymphomyosate, engystol etc. are individually dosed and freshly prepared for you according to medical prescriptions and administered in the form of an infusion. A positive effect can often already be felt after the infusion. For sustainability we recommend you a regimen of multiple infusions.

The perfect combination of these and other miracle cures with underestimated effects restores the balance of your micronutrients and improves your well-being and your health.

Increase your quality of life and give your body this freshness kick!