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Patient at a medical laser treatment in the Frankfurt dermatological practice. Eyes of the patient and those of the dermatologist are protected with protective goggles. Female doctor treats the surface of his hand with a specific laser for skin treatment.

Infusion therapy

Low effort - highly effective

Hardly any treatment is as effective as infusion-therapies. Because of the intravenous injection the medicine is able to spread in the whole body and makes an impact within seconds. Therefore it can be incorporated in your workday life perfectly since one treatment not even takes one hour.

Versatile and individual

The infusion-cocktails can be adapted to the benefit and to the purpose. The mixtures of different vitamins and mineral nutrients are deciding to the noticeable effect. Immunboost-Infusions strengthen your health and improve your well-being. Different active ingredients influence your hair growth and cell aging, that’s why the right combination of selected substances has a positive effect on your appearance. Additionally the administration of high dosis Vitamins and mineral nutrients will glow from the inside of your body.

In a consultation with one of our dermatologists, possibly with a blood test, the optimal infusion therapy for you will be determined. Directly before every treatment the infusions are mixed freshly with the right ingredients. We recommend you to repeat the treatment as a regimen of three infusions, but every single infusion has often an immediate impact on your body.