Illustration of different cocktails for infusion therapies at Frankfurt dermatologists in the city center. Vials with individual infusion solutions contain vitamins and minerals and are lined with sliced ​​citrus fruits.

Infusion Therapies

Little effort - high efficiency

Hardly any other treatment is effective as quickly as infusion therapies. By administering a drug intravenously, the substance can be distributed in the body in a matter of seconds and take effect there. Thus, the infusion therapy can be perfectly integrated into everyday life, because all in all the treatment lasts just under an hour.

Versatile and individual

The cocktails of the infusion therapies can be adjusted depending on the benefit and the therapy goal. The mixtures of different vitamins and minerals are crucial for the visible and noticeable effect. Immune booster infusions ensure a strengthening of health and the resulting increase in well-being. Certain active ingredients also have an influence on hair growth and cell aging, which is why the right combination of selected substances has a positive effect on your external appearance. The high doses of certain vitamins and trace elements make you radiant from within.

In a consultation with one of our dermatologists, if necessary with a blood test, the optimal infusion therapy for you will be determined. The infusions are freshly put together from the individual active ingredients before each treatment. The infusion therapy is optimally carried out in a repeated cure, but a single infusion can also have immediate positive effects.

Medical assistant at the Frankfurt dermatological private practice Dr. After a consultation, Dötterer-Rieg & Colleagues prepares the cocktail of active ingredients from different vitamins and minerals for an infusion therapy.
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