Illustration of different cocktails for infusion therapies at Frankfurt dermatologists in the city center. Vials with individual infusion solutions contain vitamins and minerals and are lined with sliced ​​citrus fruits.

Immune Booster Infusion

Strengthening your immune system

Chronic fatigue, loss of vitality, weakened immune system and the resulting recurring infections - a widespread phenomenon that many people suffer from. This is often due to a lack of vitamins and minerals. The immune booster infusion is a cocktail whose ingredients are individually tailored to the needs of your body. Within a short time, the cell metabolism is activated and your immune system is strengthened, which reduces infections and allergies.

Booster - the name gives away the effect

In everyday working life, there is often a lack of time and know-how to adapt one's own diet to the needs of the body. The word Boost describes it best: fast, easy and effective. Here, high-dose vitamin C, vitamin B preparations, zinc, folic acid, lymphomyosate, Engystol etc. are individually dosed for you according to medical specifications and freshly prepared and administered in the form of an infusion.

A positive effect can often be felt immediately after the infusion. However, we usually recommend an infusion cure with several infusions.

The perfect mixture of these and other small miracle cures with often underestimated effects ensures that the balance of vitamins and minerals in the body is restored, thus increasing well-being and health. We offer a wide range of ingredients with a wide variety of effective mixing ratios - just the right thing for you.

Improve your quality of life and treat your body to this kick of freshness!

Video: Infusion therapy immune booster

On a light blue background lies a white honeycomb structure, which is modeled after healed skin cells. In the middle is an icon for playing a video. Above it is the heading Infusion Therapy Immune Booster.
For an immune booster infusion, to strengthen health, a medical assistant at the Frankfurt private practice for dermatology prepares an active ingredient cocktail with an individually composed active ingredient mixture for an infusion therapy.