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A man is treated with mesotherapy against hair loss. He sits relaxed in an armchair of private practice for dermatology in Frankfurt am Main, while a specialist treats the hair roots with the mesotherapy gun.

Mesotherapy for hair loss

The gentle and side effect-free solution: Mesotherapy

The proven medically successful Mesotherapy comes from France - the land of aesthetics and beauty. It involves a gentle, side effect-free method, which has proven itself in the treatment of hair loss in men and women. Whether circular hair loss, hair loss after chemotherapy or genetic causes: your hair loss will be slowed or stopped altogether with this therapy and hair growth will simultaneously be stimulated. We introduce the selected active ingredients in you via a virtually painless microinjection in the affected areas. Not only will your hair follicles be stimulated and regenerated, but your blood circulation will also be stimulated to provide the vital supply of energy for the long term.

An effective treatment with the latest technology

Of course in our practice we use the latest injection technology: the active ingredients are introduced directly into the hair follicle with the Mesotherapy gun without you feeling any pain. In this way, a spot-on and accurate introduction of the active ingredients is ensured, even deeply – so that even the tiniest of amounts of biological active ingredients suffice in providing your hair roots with new energy.

Successful treatment with a system

For the treatment of your hair roots, the active ingredient mixture is not only compiled individually, but of course is also freshly prepared. To achieve the best possible result, the active ingredients are injected in six to ten treatments, initially weekly and later monthly. If necessary, repeat the treatment once a year thereafter.

Experience has shown that the success rate of Mesotherapy is over 80%. The following results are usually achieved:

  1. Reduction of hair loss starting from the third treatment
  2. Renewable healthier and fuller hair after two to three months
  3. Even minor forms of circular hair loss can be treated

These results can only be achieved if the hair follicles are still present. Early intervention is therefore important. Unfortunately, Mesotherapy is not recommended with strong autoimmune activity, for example, alopecia areata, or long-time balding due to poor prognoses.