After a detailed consultation, a specialist treats a patient with the meso gun against hair loss. The hair roots on the head of a male person are stimulated to grow by the injections with the meso gun.

Mesotherapy for hair loss

Healthy, thick, beautiful hair. At any age.

Powerful, silky shiny and full of volume - that's how we want our hair to be for our whole lives. If you find more hair in the brush, don't worry, your hair will regenerate itself at regular intervals. But what if more hair falls out than grows back? Or does the hair not grow at all? This can have many causes. Home remedies do not help here and only very few remedies on the market can prove clinical studies that prove their effectiveness. Therefore, always have excessive hair loss clarified by a doctor. Since the hair roots also disappear over time, early intervention is important. The earlier you start treatment, the better your chances of success!

Individual hair loss treatment plan

Miss Dr. In a detailed anamnesis, Dötterer-Rieg examines the possible causes of your hair loss and, based on the results of the examination, draws up a detailed treatment plan for you.

The gentle solution with no side effects: mesotherapy

The proven medically successful mesotherapy comes from France - the country of aesthetics and beauty. It is a gentle procedure with no side effects that has proven itself in the treatment of hair loss in both men and women. Whether circular hair loss, hair loss after chemotherapy or genetic causes: thanks to this therapy, your hair loss will be slowed down or stopped completely and at the same time hair growth will be stimulated. We bring the selected active ingredients into the affected areas almost painlessly by means of the finest micro-injection. This not only stimulates and regenerates your hair follicles, but also stimulates blood circulation and sustainably promotes the supply of vital substances.

An effective therapy with the latest technology

It goes without saying that we use the latest injection technology in our practice: the active ingredients are injected directly into the hair follicle with a meso gun, without you feeling any pain. In this way, a precise and precise introduction of the active ingredients is guaranteed, even in depth - so even the smallest amounts of biological active ingredients are enough to provide your hair roots with new energy.

Successful treatment with a system

For the treatment of your hair roots, the mixture of active ingredients is not only put together individually, but of course freshly prepared. In order to achieve the best possible result, the active ingredients are injected in six to ten treatments, initially weekly and later monthly. If necessary, repeat the therapy once a year.

Experience has shown that the success rate of a mesotherapy treatment is over 80%. The following results are usually achieved:

  1. Reduction in hair loss from the third treatment
  2. Regrowing healthier and fuller hair after two to three months
  3. Even mild forms of circular hair loss can be treated

These results can only be achieved if the hair roots are still present. Therefore, early intervention is important. Unfortunately, mesotherapy is not recommended in the case of strong autoimmune activity, e.g. alopecia areata or long-term balding due to poor prognosis.

Put your health in proven and technically experienced hands

Surely you still have personal questions that Dr. medical Dötterer-Rieg would like to answer comprehensively in a confidential conversation in the practice. Because every treatment is as individual as the person who wants a change, and it is important to us that you feel well advised and cared for during the entire treatment period. Please arrange your personal consultation appointment.

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