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Hair consultation

Specialists for diagnosis and treatment of hair loss

Our practice specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss, which often also has underlying causes. Come during our consultation hours. Dr. Dötterer-Rieg examines the possible causes of your hair loss in a thorough review and provides a detailed treatment plan for you based on the results of the examination.

Hair loss does not have to be the case

Powerful, silky shiny and full of volume - that's how we want our hair to be throughout our lives. If you increasingly see more hair in your brush, it is still no reason for concern, because your hair periodically renews itself. But what if more hair falls out than regrows? Or what is hair growth is even completely absent? This can have many causes. Home remedies do not help here and only a few products on the market can demonstrate clinical studies showing their effectiveness. So always have excessive hair loss medically clarified.

Early intervention increases the chances of success considerably

There is good news for you: Even if your hair is thinner or falling out, the hair follicles are still preserved for some time before they shrink and eventually die. The sooner the follicles are thus activated to new growth by a professional treatment, the higher your chances of success are. So do not waste time with home remedies or shampoos, but rather take an hour to get a doctor's advice, who carefully selects the treatment that is best for your hair loss following a diagnosis.

Incidentally, our patients with hair problems benefit from the fact that we can offer them particularly promising treatments with which hair loss can be stopped in 80 per cent of cases and hair growth can even be stimulated again: Mesotherapy.

Put your health in proven and technically experienced hands!

Surely you still have personal questions that Dr. med. Dötterer-Rieg would like to answer for you in detail in a confidential conversation at the practice. For every treatment is as individual as the person who wants a change and it is important to us that you are well advised during the entire treatment period and feel looked after. Please arrange your personal consultation appointment.

Other Treatments

Other treatment options are offered by our Dermaesthetics Cosmetics Institute.