Patient undergoing a skin examination and treatment advice on classic dermatology. A specialist in skin health and skin diseases examines and explains the skin of the female patient in the bright rooms of the Frankfurt dermatology practice.

Classic Dermatology

Diagnosis and therapy of the skin, nails and scalp

Our skin is influenced by external influences, genetic disposition or psychological factors. This can lead to changes in the skin structure. In our dermatologist's practice, all changes in the skin structure are considered in classic dermatology, so the range of treatments in classic dermatology includes the diagnosis and therapy of all diseases of the skin, nails and scalp.

The skin is the largest organ in our body and functionally also the most versatile. It serves to separate our body from the environment. Therefore, changed environmental influences often first affect the skin. As a reflection of the soul, changes and illnesses in our body are often first reflected in the form of skin changes.

As your top address in Frankfurt am Main, we offer you innovative and modern treatment methods for a wide variety of skin diseases. Thanks to our extensive and competent knowledge, as well as many years of experience, we are at your side even in difficult situations and support you to feel healthy and comfortable again.

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