Patient undergoing a skin examination and treatment advice on classic dermatology. A specialist in skin health and skin diseases examines and explains the skin of the female patient in the bright rooms of the Frankfurt dermatology practice.

Pediatric Dermatology

Special diagnostic and therapeutic measures for children's skin

Like the skin of adults, children's skin can be affected by inflammation, allergies and tumors. Nevertheless, children's skin is not the skin of "little adults". Certain active ingredients that can be used by adults without any problems are not tolerated by children. The skin and immune system react differently, especially in small children; many skin diseases have a different appearance than in adults. Some skin diseases only appear in childhood and require special diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

The main areas of treatment in our pediatric dermatology department include neurodermatitis, acne, hay fever, allergies, warts, birthmarks and hemangiomas, treatment and care advice for acne in adolescents.

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