Patient undergoing a skin examination and treatment advice on classic dermatology. A specialist in skin health and skin diseases examines and explains the skin of the female patient in the bright rooms of the Frankfurt dermatology practice.

Fungal infection

Fast, gentle and safe

Fungal infections are among the most common diseases in dermatology. Numerous skin, nail and intestinal diseases are triggered by fungal infections. Many scaly skin lesions are due to fungal infections. Fungal infections can affect the entire skin, including the scalp, mucous membranes in the mouth and genitals, or the nails.

Causes and Emergence

Like bacteria and viruses, fungi are microorganisms that occur in benign form everywhere in the body and the environment. If the balance of the skin gets upset or other influences come into play, it can lead to an annoying, itchy and scaly skin change in the form of a fungal infection. Infection can take place either directly through contact with infected diseased skin or indirectly via contaminated surfaces.


If a fungal infection is suspected, cultures are created in our dermatological mycological laboratory to confirm the findings and thus to be able to carry out a therapy that is as targeted as possible.


Most skin fungi can be treated with special creams or solutions. If it is nail fungus, oral tablets or laser treatment of the nails may be necessary. This is supported by our podiatric treatment in our practice.