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Immunotherapy for long-term treatment of allergies

Desensitisation (specific immunotherapy) is a treatment that can be used to treat allergies in the long term.

Desensitisation aims to get the body gradually used to a particular allergen so that there are no longer allergic reactions when coming into contact with these allergens. Affected persons are administered tiny amounts of the allergen, which would trigger a severe immune response in higher concentrations. Thanks to the low dose, however, the immune system can slowly learn to respond appropriately to pollen, house dust mites or venom.

Subcutaneous and sublingual immunotherapies

Most desensitisation is carried out by subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT). Here, the allergen extract is injected on the back of the upper arm under the skin. With some allergies, there is an alternative in the form of sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). Here, the allergens are taken in the form of a "wafer", which is reabsorbed by the oral mucosa within a few seconds.