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Upper and Lower Eyelid Lifting

Plasma Skin Tightening Technology

Plasma is also often described as the fourth physical state (solid, liquid, gas, plasma). Natural plasmas are found on earth e.g. in lightning during thunderstorms. Our plasma pen is a specially developed device in the form of a pen that uses the ionization of the air around us to emit small flashes of plasma onto the epidermis. This creates a small cloud of ionized particles (atoms, molecules and electrons) from the surrounding atmosphere (nitrogen and oxygen mixture), which causes precise tissue removal.

Tissue renewal is achieved by removing the upper layer of the skin. It is possible to use the plasma pen in such a targeted manner that surrounding tissue is spared and treatment is possible up to the edge of the eyelid. Deeper dermal layers of the skin are also stimulated and resistance is increased, which is why the procedure can be used to tighten the tissue. The antibacterial, virucidal and fungicidal effect ensures problem-free wound healing. We use the Plasma Pen to treat the following indications:

  1. Non-surgical eyelid lift (upper and lower eyelid)
  2. Neck lift
  3. Compensation of the upper lip wrinkles
  4. Acne scars