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Medical cosmetics

Medically sound skin care concepts tailored to the skin type

We offer various treatment methods that complement the medical skin treatment and contribute to improving and beautifying your skin's appearance. Based on a skin type consultation, we develop medically sound skin care concepts.

The following diseases or troublesome skin changes can be effectively treated with the methods of medical cosmetics:

  1. Mild and severe forms of acne, acne scars
  2. Oily and large-pored skin, skin blemishes
  3. Wan complexion
  4. Pigmentary disorders / melasma
  5. Signs of premature skin ageing, such as slight wrinkles
  6. Rosacea / Couperose
  7. Perioral dermatitis
  8. Sun-damaged skin
  9. Preliminary stage of white skin cancer (actinic keratosis)
  10. Neurodermatitis

The main treatment options used are:

  1. TCA and fruit acid exfoliation - Exfoliation regimens for flawless skin. Exfoliation is a cosmetic and dermatological procedure that is used for the treatment of minor skin blemishes. Exfoliation can significantly improve coarsely porous skin and fine wrinkles of the face.
  2. Microdermabrasion is an effective exfoliation method where crystal sand is applied to the skin with the latest technology and dead cells are gently removed there. The advantage of this method: It smooths the skin surface without additionally introducing artificial substances - effective and long-lasting. In addition, the formation of collagen is stimulated.
  3. Acne cleansing: With this particular treatment, the skin is first deeply cleaned and disinfected. Then the skin undergoes pore cleansing and is calmed with a mask.
  4. Blue / red LED light
  5. Oxygen treatment: Oxygen treatment can be used to improve skin appearance. A special oxygen mask is applied here.
  6. Lymphatic drainage
  7. Microneedling