Female patient of the dermatological private practice for non-invasive and minimally invasive face and body treatment in Frankfurt am Main. The woman with a healthy facial complexion looks at the doctor who is examining her skin.

Fat reduction

Non-surgical fat reduction and body shaping

Most people know this only too well: eating more confidently, exercising more and doing targeted gymnastics do not bring the desired success. Certain love handles seem to be rock solid. But the thought of going under the surgeon's knife is much more uncomfortable for many. So what to do?

We offer three very effective procedures: Venus Bliss™, i-LipoXcell™ and lipolysis (fat-away injection). We are happy to combine the different procedures for the best possible result.

Venus Bliss™

Venus Bliss™ is a total body contouring solution. The diode lasers reduce unwanted fat and the (MP)2technology combines multipolar radio frequency and pulsating electromagnetic fields with advanced VariPulse™ technology for skin tightening, circumference reduction and cellulite fighting, thus ensuring a more beautiful appearance.

Venus Bliss™ is based on a powerful laser lipolysis device that works with modern diode laser technology, multipolar radio frequency and pulsating electromagnetic fields. Up to 4 applicators are used during the treatment, which are attached to the stomach or the side or the desired treatment area. The energy penetrates deep into the lower layers of the skin via these applicators or tissue contact sensors. The subcutaneous fat located there is specifically heated and broken down by a special diode laser treatment.

In addition to non-surgical fat reduction and body shaping, the Venus Bliss™ system also enables effective skin tightening and cellulite treatment with very good results. A unique energy composition acts on the skin region to be treated, stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin fibers in the connective tissue. This initiation of the lasting, endogenous skin tightening effectively counteracts sagging skin and cellulite. Detailed information can be found at dermasthetics.


A firmer silhouette even without a scalpel and yo-yo diet effect: i-LipoXcell, the most modern system for non-surgical fat reduction and figure shaping, produces fast and lasting results without any risks. i-LipoXcell combines four outstanding technologies:

  1. Intelligent Body at measurement and analysis
  2. Fat reduction with Laser Diodes
  3. IR vacuum massage
  4. Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

The laser treatment triggers a natural reaction, because red light and infrared laser diodes cause biostimulation of metabolic pathways. This releases fatty acids and glycerol, causing fat cells to shrink. After the laser treatment, an infrared vacuum massage is performed to enhance lymphatic drainage and mobilize the released fat from the treated area. And the subsequent radio frequency treatment thermally stimulates cell function and improves blood flow to support cell lipolysis. The results are immediately visible and measurable: an average of up to 3 cm per 30 minutes of treatment proves the high effectiveness of this procedure. Detailed information can be found at dermasthetics.


If stubborn fat deposits just won't go away, we have the perfect solution for you. During lipolysis (also known as "fat-away-injection"), the natural product phosphatidylcholine (PPC) obtained from soybeans is injected into the unwanted fat deposits. This stimulates the body's own fat reduction. The lipolysis set in motion by the injection ensures that the fat cells dissolve and are broken down by the body in a completely natural way via blood and lymphatic fluid.

Good to know: PPC is found in every human body. It is a natural substance that is excellently tolerated. In addition, the lipolysis treatment is carried out and monitored by our doctors. Detailed information can be found at dermasthetics.


More information

More information on fat reduction is available at dermasthetics.