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Aesthetically beautiful neck – reduction of the double chin

Reduce submental fat and tighten skin

Both women and men find clearly visible submental fat, also known as a double chin, disturbing and aesthetically unattractive. There are various effective treatment options for removing a double chin. With these methods, fat deposits are melted, muscle fibers are built up and skin areas are tightened. Which generally leads to an improvement in the chin contour. In our private dermatologist's practice at Fressgass we offer you innovative non-invasive and minimally invasive treatment methods under dermatological supervision. Take Contact Us Contact us or arrange one straight away Consultation!

EMFACE® Submentum - chin contour through muscle building

A non-invasive revolutionary treatment method for double chins is EMFACE® Submentum. It is specifically designed to reduce submental fat on the neck and chin and restore the aesthetics of a chin contour. This innovative technology combines radio frequency (RF) and focused high-intensity electromagnetic fields (HIFES). Through this combination of innovative mechanisms of action, fat deposits are reduced, affected skin layers are specifically tightened and supporting muscle growth is stimulated. The neck regains its beautiful shape. Treatment to reduce a double chin takes approximately 30 minutes. It is clinically tested, shows a significant reduction in submental fat pads and offers a proven improvement in skin elasticity. Recovery time after treatment is unnecessary.

More about the EMFACE® treatment method read on the website of the Institute Dermasthetics.

Injection lipolysis against double chin

The better known and more widespread method for removing the unpleasant double chin is the fat removal injection. Technically also known as injection lipolysis. In the minimally invasive treatment method, a natural active ingredient known to the body is injected under the skin into the affected parts of the body. This active ingredient stimulates fat metabolism and leads to the breakdown of fat cells. The elastic skin retracts and forms a beautiful neck. Double chin gives way to an aesthetic chin contour!

More about the Treatment method injection lipolysis You can find out more on the website of Dermasthetics, the Frankfurt beauty institute.

FAQ about EMFACE® Submentum

Who is the EMFACE® Submentum double chin treatment for?

Treatment with EMFACE® Submentum is suitable for people with mild to moderate double chins who are interested in a noticeable reduction in submental fat and at the same time do not want to undergo invasive treatment procedures. For those people who prefer quick and painless treatment.

How many treatments are necessary?

To treat double chin with satisfactory results, four sessions spaced one week apart are usually recommended.

When can I see positive results on my double chin?

The majority of patients notice initial improvements to their double chin immediately after primary treatment. Final treatment results are usually seen after finalizing a recommended series of sessions. Results can improve over time.

How long do positive results against submental fat last?

Duration of positive results varies. Typically, the treatment effect lasts for several months. To maintain treatment success, periodic boosters to reduce submental fat may be recommended.

Is EMFACE® Submentum treatment painful?

Treatment with EMFACE® Submentum is largely painless. During application to the neck areas, a slight tingling or a feeling of warmth is often described.

What is the safety of the EMFACE® Submentum technology?

The revolutionary double chin treatment procedure, EMFACE® Submentum, uses proven technologies. These are safe and effective. The treatment process has been extensively tested and is documented by clinical studies that prove its safety and effectiveness.

Is the treatment method suitable for all skin types?

Yes, the treatment with EMFACE® Submentum can be used on all skin colors. The technologies used (HIFES and RF) are color-independent and can therefore be used safely to treat double chins on all skin types.

What side effects are there with EMFACE® Submentum?

As a rule, the non-invasive treatment procedure EMFACE® Submentum does not cause any serious side effects. Some patients may experience tingling or slight redness in the treated skin area, but this will subside quickly.

Can EMFACE Submentum be combined with other facial treatments?

Yes, in many cases the EMFACE® Submentum method can be safely combined with other facial treatment methods. The qualified staff in our dermatology practice and in our Dermasthetics Institute in the city center will be happy to advise you. Get in touch with us!

Is special care required for skin areas after a session?

After a double chin treatment appointment, patients can return to their normal daily activities. It is recommended to support skin health, keep the treated skin areas well hydrated and use sunscreen.