Three dermatologists from our dermatology practice in downtown Frankfurt stand on a pillar in front of a golden wall. Specialists in classic and surgical dermatology, allergology, phlebology and aesthetic dermatology wear white blouses.

Specialist dermatologists

Our specialists are specialists in classic dermatology, operative dermatology, allergology, phlebology and aesthetic dermatology > private practice

During a medical laser treatment, a patient lies on a couch in the Frankfurt dermatology practice. During the laser skin treatment, your eyes are protected with glasses. Next to it is a specialist who treats with the most modern laser.

Medical laser treatments

State-of-the-art laser technologies with amazing results for skin, hair, nails and unsightly vessels > Laser medicine

Part of the female face is shown. Markings for an upper eyelid lift and a lower eyelid lift with innovative plasma technology are drawn into the eye areas around the eyes. The face has a rejuvenated complexion.

Eyelid lift

Tightening of eye skin areas with innovative plasma technology. More information at: > Upper and lower eyelid tightening

Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine in downtown Frankfurt

News from our dermatology practice

Our dermatology practice introduces itself

The dermatologists are dressed in white. A photo of the medical staff of the private practice for dermatology, aesthetic medicine, allergology, phlebology and podiatry in downtown Frankfurt am Main. There are three female specialists.

Medical Doctor Heidi Dötterer-Rieg

Medical Doctor Marta González Sánchez

dr medical Julia Hoffman

In the middle of freshly blooming white orchids there is a business card of the medical-cosmetic dermatological institute connected to the dermatologist's office with the support of specialists, with the designation Dermasthetics.

Affiliated medical-cosmetic institute with medical specialist support

The Dermasthetics specialist institute in the immediate vicinity of the dermatologist's practice closes the gap between cosmetics and plastic surgery and enables non-invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments for beautiful and healthy skin. The cosmetics institute is under the dermatological direction of Dr. medical Heidi Dötterer-Rieg, so that you can also know that you are in the best of hands with all your concerns in the dermatology segment and can look forward to the synergies of cosmetics and dermatologist applications.

Institute Dermasthetics

The hands of a medical assistant, wrapped in hygienic gloves, operate a device for PCR sequencing in the mycological laboratory of our dermatologist's practice. The DNA molecule of a patient is evaluated for the allergy diagnosis.

In-house laboratory for allergy diagnostics and for PCR diagnostics of fungi

  • In order to be able to determine a fungal infection with certainty, there are various examination methods. In our practice we offer on the one hand the classic diagnostics, the fungal culture, and on the other hand that PCR method
  • For allergy diagnostics, a blood sample is taken through the Laboratory system Alex² using a modern procedure, the blood is analyzed for 295 allergens and the results are then presented in a clear report.

Dermatology practice laboratory

A patient undergoing podiatry treatment in the practice for dermatology and aesthetic medicine lies on a couch. Your beautiful feet will be treated on the nails by a podiatrist using laser technology. The podiatrist's eyes are protected by glasses.

Podiatry / nail treatments

Thanks to the unique combination of medical services and podological services under one roof, we are able to offer perfectly coordinated treatment concepts for your foot disorders. We employ several trained podiatrists for this purpose. The following treatments are carried out:

  • Treatment of nail fungus diseases
  • Treatment of ingrown nails with nail correction clips, among other things
  • Removal of hard skin, calluses and corns
  • Nail Treatment: Cutting, filing and deburring toenails
  • Production of orthoses for toe misalignments
  • Production of artificial nails for deformed toenails
  • Treatment of the diabetic foot

Nail & Podiatry treatments

Waiting area in the Frankfurt dermatological private practice Dr. medical Heidi Dötterer-Rieg & colleagues. On the left is a natural moss wall. A counter can be seen on the right-hand side, with doors to the treatment rooms in the background.

Dermatologist in downtown Frankfurt

As a private dermatologist's practice in Frankfurt/Main, our team, consisting of several dermatologists and medical specialists, is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the largest body organ - our skin:

Our Service

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